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21 - Feb - 2011

Energy Performance Certificates for Domestic,Commercial & rental properties, in Leicestershire. DECs in Leicestershire.

Home Energy Savings

Saving Money on Home Energy - the Value of an EPC!

Energy Waste

Real value of an Energy Assessment and EPC

The real value of an energy assessment and the resulting energy performance certificate isn't in meeting the legal requirement. It is about

  • saving you, the house-holder, significant amounts of money every year, forever!
  • reducing your carbon footprint
  • contributing to saving the environment for our children

Remember, the savings below are for life!

Loft Insulation

What you could save by Insulating your Loft (approx)!

Loft Insulation (0 - 270mm)Loft Insulation (50 - 270mm)
Annual Energy Bill Saving£150£45
Installation Cost£250£250
Installed Cost PaybackAround 2 yearsAround 6 years
Annual CO2 SavingAround 800KGAround 230 KG

Cavity Wall Insulation

What you could save with Cavity Wall Insulation (approx)!

Cavity Wall Insulation
Annual Energy Bill Savings£115
Installation Costs£250
Installed Costs PaybackAround 2 years
Annual CO2 SavingsAround 610 KG

Internal Wall Insulation

Installing internal wall insulation onto all external walls can be expensive. But for the competent DIY person it is not prohibitive.

The annual saving is around £380 on an average 3 bed-roomed semi-detached property.


After installing 50mm internal insulation in my daughter's room we have noticed the difference. Her room is much warmer than the rest of the house and the radiator thermostat has been turned down from 5 to 3 - saving money!

Changing your Light Bulbs

Changing your light bulbs to energy saving bulbs could save you up to £45 a year. Now, as energy prices are going up the time, is right to switch to new, better bulbs that light up instantly, don't flicker and don't cost you a fortune to run.

Switching to a 4watt LED light will cost you approximately £7 a year in energy bills - compared to approximately £19 pa for a 35 watt halogen light. Multiply that by the number of bulbs in your home and see significant savings.figures based on 4 hours use per day

To buy a good 4watt LED will cost in the region of £17. They last approximately 50 times longer than a halogen bulb. So, over the life of the bulb, you will save the higher purchase cost many times over not to mention the reduced impact on the environment.


A public house has 35watt Halogens installed running 13hrs a day. The cost over 5 years, including changing bulbs, is £5,000.

The same public house, changing their lights to 4 watt LEDs running for 13 hrs a day over 5 years will cost £550 pounds and no bulb changes, as the LEDs can last up to 15 years.

Contact us today to ask about Home Energy Saving Products. Call us on 01530 453940

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