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21 - Feb - 2011

Energy Performance Certificates for Domestic,Commercial & rental properties, in Leicestershire. DECs in Leicestershire.

Comm EPC

Commercial EPC in Leicestershire


Commercial EPC Energy Performance Certificate in Leicestershire

Our Commercial assessor's are fully trained and deliver a professional, reliable and immediate service of Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's) to all our customers in Leicester, Loughborough, Melton ,Hinckley and other Leicestershire and nottinghamshire areas including nationwide. We aim to provide your Energy Performance Certificate EPC within 3 working days of the survey subject to information availability.

Our pre-arranged in-depth site assessment of your property surveys, type, age, size, structure, and levels insulation identifying the properties heat loss characteristics, and the potential for improvement. We also survey Heating, hot water, and lighting systems in order to calculate their cost and environmental impact and the potential for energy savings. The commercial survey takes into account all elements of the properties performance. Our assessor will require access to the entire property internal, external including loft areas. If you have a building maintenance file or information on heating systems, glazing, insulation our assessor will require access to this as it is required to complete the assessment.

Information recorded during our EPC assessment is collated on entered into a government approved online system which is only available to qualified assessors where your Energy Performance Certificate is produced. Your certificate looks very similar to the rating's we see on our white goods that we are all very familiar with. The certificate identifies the current rating for your property, there is also an indication of the newly built rating and the typical stock rating taken from benchmarking information providing an average over a period of time. An accompanying document, the recommendations report identifies how you, your tenants or the new owners can improve the rating. The report gives guidance on the improvement's, and potential savings.

Why have a commercial epc on your property.

One its the law if you market your property without an epc then you are liable to a £5000 fine. also the epc shows you how efficient your building may or may not be and an efficient building is more attractive to any customer who may wish to rent or buy, also you can receive a loan up to £10000 from the energy saving trust if you make any improvements to your property that saves energy you get a low interest rate and any major savings you make you don't pay back on the loan

The Commercial EPC contains:

  • - Current energy efficiency rating in the form of a colour coded graph.
  • - Potential energy efficiency shown on the graph
  • - An indication of the current environmental impact (EI) of the property.
  • - Potential EI (savings) shown on the graph
  • - Estimates of energy usage and costs, along with potential savings.
  • - A breakdown of the current performance of the property.
  • - Recommendations for improvements.

Looking for a commercial energy assesor in Leicestershire.

If you are looking for a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate EPC in Leicester, Loughborough, Melton, Hinkley and other Leicestershire areas then look no further we provide a fast reliable service to meet your needs. We produce all commercial certificates using design builder to model your building. This provides a more accurate rating and guarenteeing the production of accurate Energy Performance Certificates EPC that reflects the true energy rating. we also go the extra mile and are here to give you help and advice on how you can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on your energy bills so don't delay contact us to day for your free help and advice

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