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21 - Feb - 2011

Energy Performance Certificates for Domestic,Commercial & rental properties, in Leicestershire. DECs in Leicestershire.


Energy Performance Certificate in Leicestershire

 Energy Performance Certificates In Leicestershire

Order your EPC TODAY: 01530 453940 / 01509 816910 Mb: 07595 712683 EMAIL

Who needs an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

Residential / Domestic Properties:

Anyone selling, or renting out, a house or home needs to provide an EPC to the new buyer or tenant. This is a new law which came into force in October 2008. So now, in the following circumstances, you will need to obtain and make available to the potential buyer or tenant an Energy Performance Certificate:

  • Putting your house or flat on the market - for sale
  • Completing the Sale of your house or flat - if you haven't already got an EPC
  • Letting out one or more homes - in the social or private rented sector

Why Get an EPC for your property?

  1. It is a legal requirement (see above)
  2. It can show you how to save money on energy bills
  3. It can show you how to minimise your carbon footprint

Read more about the Domestic Energy Assessment and Certification services we provide.

Epc In Loughborough

What should you do Now?

If you have a house or flat in Leicestershire or the surrounding area which you need to have assessed one of our professionally qualified Energy Assessors will be happy to visit and assess your property and provide the necessary EPC.

Costs - Cost for the assessment and certification of a residential property starts from just £55. Please read our comprehensive guide to EPC costs.

Timescale / Lead-time - You can't, legally, start to market your property without a valid energy performance certificate. Sometimes this can come as a bit of a surprise and it is then that our Same-Day assessment and certification is important.

If you are not in such a hurry we will assess and certify your residential property within 3 days.

Commercial & Public Buildings Energy Certificates

Commercial Premises affected include:

  • Offices, Warehouses, Factories
  • Shops / Malls etc

Public Buildings affected include:

  • Larger schools
  • Governmental & Local Authority Offices

Read more about the Commercial and Public Buildings Energy Assessment and Certification services we provide. Call Future Energy Performance today 01530 453940 if you need more information about your requirements or to book an energy assessment call or email us.

Remember, new law comes into effect January 2011 Air Conditioning Energy Inspection Reports are required.

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